Application: Interested buyer shall apply for allotment of apartment(s) in a prescribed application form of this company.

Allotment: On acceptance of an application & receipt of the booking money, the company will issue an allotment letter in favor of the applicant along with the schedule payment of the balanced amount as per the apartment price. Allotment is being made on first come first served basis.

Sale Deed: On receipt of the 1st down payment (i.e. Installment@ 30% of total amount against the apartment price) from the interested buyer, an accord shall be signed between the parties to safeguard the mutual interest.

Payment: If any applicant is able to pay the total flat value at a time, he is definitely to get a special discount on the total flat value. Payment to be made either in cross Cheque / pay order or DD from the Bank in favour of DLL. according to the schedule of payment by installments for the balance amount of the price payable to us (as per agreement). Bangladeshi residing abroad may make payment in the foreign exchange as per Bangladesh Bank’s rate by TT or DD on the date of payment received. ‘Digital Landmark Ltd ( DLL)’ will issue a money receipt on account of the payment.

Installment: Payment of installments including the cost of car parking space and other charges must be made on due date. The total mutually agreed value of the apartment to be paid by the installment according to the payment schedule. If any Allotee fails to pay the installments in schedule time then delay charge will be charged as per the rules of REHAB

Legal cost: Allotee shall bear the Registration cost, Stamp-duty fees, Tax, VAT & Other miscellaneous expenses, which are likely to be incurred at the time of registration of the flat with the proportionate land. The allotee(s) shall be informed of such charges when these are due.

Service & utility cost: Utility connections & other charges including security deposits with the DESA, DESCO, WASA & TITAS GAS shall be borne by the allotee(s). DLL shall pay those charges to the above authorities on behalf of the allotee(s). The allotee(s) shall have to pay all those utilities proportionately on actual as this cost is not included in the Flat-value.

Time Schedule: The construction of project will be completed within January-2021. The time schedule can be extended for 6 months in the event of any reason, e.g. as for the act of Allah, the change in fiscal-state-policy/ utility connection / strike/forcemajor which are beyond the control of DLL.

Change in specifications: Limited indispensable or inevitable changes in the Drawing, Layout and Design etc. of apt. construction may be done by the Developer in the over all mutual interest and allotee should never object to it. The allotee is also entitled to do some internal minor changes of the total building systems without affecting the basic structural design.

Possession: The allottee shall have to clear up the payment of entire apartment price, other Charges and dues pertaining to his/her apartment before taking over the possession of the flat.

Management: The residents shall raise a common service system by forming a registered co-operative society for managing their general affairs in their common interest.