Hafsa Builders and Construction Ltd. (HBCL) is a well-known Bangladeshi builder and developer. Since its founding in 1994 by management members with decades of expertise in the business, the company has been dedicated to producing the finest houses.

From the procurement of initiatives in viable sites throughout the city until the execution of projects, every effort is made to assure high quality workmanship.

We remain committed to achieving excellence in the living comfort of those who live in buildings produced by our workers via sustained efforts for leadership in design, materials, work quality, and timely work completion.

In the last 27 years,HBCL has successfully demonstrated its capabilities and expertise in business competition with real estate companies in the country.It’s not simply about finishing a task and passing it over; we’ve done it while maintaining our commitment to quality. Nowadays, anybody thinking about building a home considers HBCL.

Hafsa Builders and Construction Ltd. (HBCL) is dedicated to assisting the people of Bangladesh achieve a better tomorrow.

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