Ethical Management:
Hafsa builders & Construction Ltd. has continually practiced Transparent Management and Principle-based Management through recognition at the highest level that the company’s management philosophy must remain the core value of the corporation.

HBCL was a firm believer in doing things the right way. Ethical principles serve as the foundation for a variety of modern employment, business, and corporate concepts that go well beyond traditional profit and shareholder enrichment goals for individuals and corporations. Institutions and public sector organizations, whose traditional emphasis of service quality and cost management must now gradually take account of the same ethical considerations influencing the commercial and corporate sectors, are also influenced by ethical factors.

Companies must not only deliver on the bottom line, but also show consistency and visibility in their operations, according to today’s markets. Unethical business is bad business, and it’s a certain way to lose a customer’s trust. To secure a long-term business, HBCL established a code of conduct, which all employees have agreed to accept.

Social Contribution:
Hafsa builders & construction ltd. strives to realize corporate social values by making a happier world for everyone through sharing and ethical practice.

Better Residence is an initiative that aims to improve living spaces.

The ‘One & One’ program helps youngsters from poor families. Support for Educational Facilities in Foreign Poverty Regions to assist with the improvement of teaching infrastructure in the countries where we operate.

As we march forward, we establish obligations and a sense of responsiveness to the people and society in which we live, as well as to your daily life. While we construct your Engineering Ventures for mass generation and cultures, we also enable a small part of your humanity to serve those who have been neglected and require assistance. This social responsiveness has enabled us to re-energize our efforts to assist orphans, the underprivileged, and the marginalized.

Quality Control:
We, Hafsa Builders & Construction Ltd., are currently at the forefront of Bangladesh’s building industry, and they aspire to maintain this coveted position by strictly adhering to the latest construction technology and honestly adhering to their commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental factors.

The company is focused on continuous improvement of its organizational practices by establishing and following quality objectives and implementing them regularly and effectively at all levels by upgrading all available resources, facilities, technical know-how, and manpower training with the assistance of its highly skilled technical and professional manpower.

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